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“So why is that ugly logo printed across all your photos?”

Unfortuntely, since a few dishonest people surf the net, I have to protect my livelihood by making it very difficult to steal my work. This also keeps your prices low, and the value of your purchase high. Thank you for your understanding.

Obviously, The photograph you purchase will not have the visible trademark you see on these web versions. However, we also use invisible watermarks* to Identify my work.

This website in its entirety is copyrighted, 2002 by Stephen J. Grabowski.

All of the images contained herein are copyrighted by law the moment the light hits the film. They are also registered with the United States Patent Office. These images are my property: they may not, by law be used (other than the simple display use for which they are sold) without my express written permission, even if they are edited, digitally enhanced or altered, reversed, fried, scalloped, pureed, or sauteed. They may also not be used as a model for a painting without my permission.

This is my living — to protect my work and my livelihood, I will vigorously defend my copyrighted work in court. If you want to sell a scene like one of mine, do what I did and drive or fly there, backpack 30 miles into the back country, and pay your dues until you're as good as I am, and take or paint your own picture**.

To protect my work, I utilize the visible Grabo’ watermarks which you see in my images. However, that is not all — we also insert INVISIBLE watermarking* technology in our web images AND our finished product which makes it possible to identify me as the maker of the photograph, even after the photo is digitally altered, photocopied, or otherwise changed, and makes it possible for me to track the use of my images on the web and elsewhere.

*See this technology at

**Incidentally, I will not be made to feel guilty for prosecuting anyone who does not feel guilty about stealing the food out of my childrens’ mouths. If you’re going to feel guilty about stealing my work, show it now by not committing the crime. I guarantee that I won’t be impressed by any remorse expressed at the sentencing hearing.

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This entire website and all images have been registered with the U.S. Patent Office.

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