Old English Photography / Photography of medieval Europe by Grabo': "York Minster,  After Midnight."  The romantic tower of York Minster at night.  Grabo' photography of the ancient cathedral at York, England.  Stunning.  Click here for a better view.German Photography / Bavarian Photography / European Castle Photography by GraboEuropean Photography / Dazzling Swiss Photography by Grabo': "Swiss Clock Tower"   I was inspired by the warm tones of this clock tower rising above the river in Lucerne, Switzerland.  For a close - up picture, click here.European Photography: "Black Forest Castle."  Grabo's picture of the castle at Bonndorf, Germany, viewed through an arch.  Enjoy it by clicking here.European Photography / English Photography / London Photography by Grabo':  "Proud British Lion" guarding the bridge to Parliament.  London.  Photo from Grabo's European photography collection.  Click here to see it up close & personal.European Photography / Grabo' Cathedral Photography collection: "Mind Your Dog".  Photograph taken looking into a Churchyard in Conwy, North Wales.  But mind you, curb your dog!Grabo' European Photography / Medieval English  photography: Bootham Bar by night.  Enter into the medieval walled city of York through this gate, and relive its legendary past.  Nighttime, York, England.  Grabo' Medieval European Photography Collection.European Photography / Grabo' Modern English Photography Collection: "Piccadilly at Night  II"  The center of excitement in London, day and night, Picadilly Circus is a photographer's dream come true.  Click here to enlarge this photography from my British collection.European Photography > Grabo' Swiss Photography Collection: "Matterhorn and Hut at Sunrise"  Haven't you always wanted to watch a sunrise in the Swiss Alps?  Decorate your chalet with my Swiss photography, and pretend it's a window! - click here!European Photography > Animal Photography > Cemetery Photography > Grabo' English Photography collection: "No One is Worthless."  These Sheep in the Yorkshire Dales seem to be asking me if I'm next.  I hope not, as much as I want to help green things up.  Thirsk, England Photography by Grabo'."Swiss Mushrooms."  A study in contrast and selective focus, this mushroom photography, taken in the Swiss Alps, is one of my favorites.  Wouldn't it look wonderful on your bedroom wall?  Click here. (Grabo' Swiss Photography Collection: European Photography > Nature Photography > plant life photography.Special Matting job for the above Matterhorn photography.  Do you like it?  (Grabo' Swiss Alps Photography Collection > European Photography > Swiss Photography > Mountain Photography"Castle Conwy by Night."  Built by Edward I in the 12th century, it stands guard over the medieval Welsh town of Conwy.  Give this one to your favorite prince or princess.  Hang it in your love nest and then be chivalrous to each other. (Medieval European Photography Collection > Welsh Photography > British Photography > Castle Photography"Piccadilly at Night I."  Catch a glimpse of Piccadilly, the "Times Square" of London, at night.  Be my guest - click this thumbnail! (Grabo' Modern English Photography Collection > European Photography > London Photography"The Foggiest Notion."  Mrs.  Grabo's favorite.  (It's green!)  The emerald-green countryside - the peaceful cattle grazing among the quaint farmhouses, the dark green trees and fall foliage, all set off by the dreamy white fog.  Hang this photograph in your office to inspire daydreams!   Grabo' photography from the Black Forest, Germany. Autumn. (Grabo' Black Forest Photography > European Photography > German Photography > Nature Photography

Maybe you can't afford a trip to Europe. But that doesn't mean you can't dream. Imagine you're there with my European photography collection.

Imagine you're in ancient England with this picture of a European Cathedral in your living room. Fantasize about your prince charming under this photo of Europe's fairy-tale Castles in Bavaria. Your daughter can picture herself a princess with this picture of Edward I's castle Conwy in her bedroom. Photographs of Europe often contain dreamy fog - as in "The Foggiest Notion", photographed in Germany's Black Forest.

This collection would not be complete without a picture of Europe's beautiful Swiss Alps - or a photo of Picadilly in London, or a picture of a clock tower in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Click on a picture above for a larger view of each European dream picture.

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