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So, what else is coming to WesternPhotography.com?

I plan to add more scenic pictures to all the departments, especially “Elsewhere.”

Over the last 40 years I have taken pictures in the following places and others:

(Stock photography is available for publication from many of these areas.)


Colorado Photography:

Pictures of Denver (state capitol, City and County Building, Civic Center, and photographs of downtown skyline by night and day, mansions near downtown, Molly Brown house and more), Colorado photography from Arapahoe Basin, Loveland Pass, Ouray, Telluride, Trinidad,

Colorado pictures of the San Juan Mountains, Dallas Divide, Garden of the Gods, Red Rocks Park, Rawah Wilderness, North Park, Horsetooth Rock, EXTENSIVE PHOTOGRAPHY of the Camel Rock (Chimney Rock) area of Larimer County,

Pictures of Vail, Estes Park, Aspen area, Maroon Bells / Snowmass Wilderness, Mt. Evans Wilderness, Cripple Creek, Buckskin Joe, Maroon Lake, Pyramid Peak, Snowmass Mountain, Colorado pictures of Mt. Lincoln, Pike's Peak, Long's Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park, Great Sand Dunes National Monument, Roxborough State Park,

Colorado pictures of Wildlife: Elk, bighorn sheep, rock chucks, marmots, and more;

Rocky Mountain National Park:

Long's Peak (sunrise and other times), from Trail Ridge Road and other places. Long's Peak from the Rock Cut. Elk in Spring Velvet, High in the Alpine Tundra of the Rockies, with Snow-Capped peaks in background. Never-Summer Range. Moraine Park.

Pictures of old Colorado cemeteries.


Wyoming Photography:

Wyoming pictures of Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Laramie, University of Wyoming, Snowy Range,

Wyoming pictures of Togwotee Pass, Dubois area & petroglyphs, Absaroka Range, Wind River Range, Vedauwoo, Rawlins area, Arlington, Elk Mountain, other mountains, forests, wildlife and flora;

Pictures of the Medicine Bow Mountains, Laramie Mountains, Boulder Ridge, Devil’s Tower, EXTENSIVE photography of the Chimney Rock (Camel Rock) area of Albany County, and Laramie;

And of course, pictures of pronghorn antelope (Wyoming has more pronghorns than people), buffalo (bison), bighorn sheep, elk, and other wildlife photography.


European Photography:

Pictures of The Alps, Pictures of Germany, Pictures of Austria, Pictures of Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Pictures of England, Pictures of Wales, Pictures of France and Italy. Mountains, flowers, trees,

Pictures of castles, pictures of cathedrals, medieval walled cities, Roman ruins, ancient city walls, houses, glaciers, architecture, and graveyards (European graveyards are amazingly picturesque and usually quite ancient). Pictures of graveyards (ancient ones in particular) are my specialty.


Middle-Eastern Photography:



Pictures of Jerusalem: Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Garden Tomb, the Arab Quarter, the marketplace, models of the Temple, the Russian Church, Hall of the Last Supper, The Dome of the Rock, The Mount of Olives, ancient graves and sepulchers, the Garden of Gethsemane, the old city, Temple Mount, Wailing Wall (Western Wall), devout Jews in prayer at Wailing Wall, Hasidim (Hasidic Jews), Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives, Arabs, Al-Aqsa Mosque and more;

Sea of Galilee; church of the Primacy of St. Peter, Qumran, Caesarea (including the synagogue), border fence, agriculture, Bedouins;




The Citadel (Philadelphia), the Roman Amphitheater, old town, much more;

Cities of the Roman Decapolis (Jerash and Philadelphia), the Dead Sea (swimming and sunset, and tourists smearing themselves with Dead Sea mud), Petra, Bedouin Arabs, Prince Raad, royal projects for handicapped children and much more;



Amazing graft scene at border crossing into Honduras. Churches, farms, common people. Electioneering, roadside rocks painted as campaign billboards. Mostly American corporate logos. Catholic and Protestant churches.


Guatemala City - Cathedral


Monasteries, Convents, Churches, Cathedrals, Sunrise, Sunset, the Plaza (Town Square) with Cathedral and Palaces; Tuk-Tuks (rustic taxis), horse-drawn carriages, arches, volcanoes, street scenes, marketplaces, International Day of the Child 2007, kids at play, kids in school uniforms, tourists; street evangelism.

Santa Elena Marketplace


Mayan Temples, Mayan Pyramids, Mayan Ruins, Rain Forest, Trees, Vines, Flowers, Mushrooms. Simply Amazing!!



Copan, Copan Ruinas:

Street Life, the square, villagers, The Mayan Ruins: Temples and Pyramids, tropical plants, parrots. Flowers, architecture. Amazing scenes at border crossing from Guatemala.



Ciudad Juarez, Mazatlan, Mazatlan Beach. Bridge over Rio Grande and pedestrians crossing bridge to and from El Paso. Marketplaces and art.


California Photography:

Pictures of Yosemite National Park, San Francisco, redwoods, sequoias


Florida Photography: Pictures of St. Petersburg beach, Busch Gardens


Montana Photography: Pictures of Glacier National Park


New Mexico Photography:

Pictures of Carlsbad Caverns, Billy the Kid Country, Solano and neighboring towns and old Spanish Churches, Capulin Volcano National Monument, The Sangre de Christo Range (Colorado) from New Mexico;


New York Photography:

Manhattan, Times Square from above. Great shots of the Statue of Liberty, Lower Manhattan, Ellis Island. (By the way, Liberty Island, on which the Statue of Liberty sits, is leased from New Jersey, to which it actually belongs. A little surprising trivia!) Wall Street, Trinity Church, Statue of George Washington, Merchant Marine Memorial, vendors of Statue of Liberty souvenirs, ferries to Liberty Island. 2005 (World Trade Center is conspicuously missing.) Bridges to Manhattan with skyscrapers. Empire State Building by day and night.


Saratoga Springs:

Victorian Mansions, sculptures, castle


FDR birthplace and mansion


South Dakota Photography: Pictures of the Badlands, Custer State Park, Black Hills, Mt. Rushmore


Texas Photography:

Pictures of Corpus Christi, Padre’ Island, and birds (pelicans, seagulls, etc.), tropical plants, exotic cactus, windmills sunsets,

Texas pictures of beaches and beach sunrises, pictures of Langtree including the magnificent cactus garden, windmill, and Judge Roy Bean's Saloon, Pool Hall and “Law West of the Pecos;” pictures of Alamo Village (where John Wayne filmed his movie, The Alamo, The Alamo by day and night. (The night shots are not like others you've seen!)

The Texas Hill Country:

African Game Animals on Texas Ranches, and of course, Texas Longhorns.



Sunrises, Sunsets,


(the "Boot Fence" - where one rancher has placed cowboy boots atop many fence posts.) Quite interesting.


Utah Photography: Pictures of Zion National Park and Monument Valley


Canadian Photography: Pictures of Banff National Park


North Atlantic:

Greenland photographed from the air

Incredible sunset/sunrise over the pole taken somewhere east of Greenland



Pictures of Wildlife, mountains, architecture (ancient and modern), sunsets, sunrises, beaches, comets, clouds, cemeteries, snowfences,

windmills, flowers, wildflowers, tropical fish, birds, and plants... and more!


May I help your publication with images from one of these areas? (Stock photography available)


(Many exclusive photographs are available for commissioning)

May I travel somewhere for YOU?

I am fluent in German, and hope to travel soon to Germany, the Black Forest, and Eastern Europe, especially Poland.

Wir sprechen deutsch!


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