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We prefer to interact with our customers on a personal basis. If you call us, you can actually speak with a 98.6 degree human being (what a novel idea!) In fact, there's a very good chance you may be talking to the photographer, himself.

This is great, unless you think it's fun spending 2 hours navigating around a website vainly looking for a 5-second explanation!


Please call Optical Fashions / WesternPhotography.com:

1-888-PRO-EYES (1-888-776-3937).


If you're in the Laramie area, please call (307) 745-3682.

The phone may answer "Optical Fashions," which is our other family business.

Please don't forget to note the name and size of the photograph you wish to inquire about.


We accept all major credit cards:

Visa / MasterCard /Discover / American Express / Diner's Club / Carte Blanche


Ordering / Information:


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