“Elephants on Parade”

copyright 2001, Grabo'

My family and I left Laramie one day many years ago, heading for our home at the family ranch, and were treated to, quite possibly, the most brilliant sunset I had ever seen. Just one problem — a sunset without some object of interest in the foreground tends to be very uninteresting, regardless of how bright it is. About 40 minutes later we found these rocks as our focal point. Unfortunately, it seemed the sunset was, for all practical purposes, over. Well, though discouraged, I photographed the scene anyway. My discouragement ended abruptly when I got my slides back from the lab — can you see why? I’ve always loved purple, especially in nature, like the beautiful flags (wild iris) that bloom in the hayfields we passed that day.

So, you may ask, why the unusual name on this image? Fair enough. Can you see the rock with the hole in it? Above the hole are the elephant’s head and neck. To the left of the hole is his trunk, and to the right is its back (it’s facing to the left). Below the trunk, and to the left, also facing left, is another elephant’s head and trunk.

Late 1970’s, south of Laramie, Wyoming

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