“Lightning, LaBonte Lake”

copyright 2001, Grabo'

The Laramie Mountains were listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the hailiest place on earth. Huge thunderheads grow up on summer days and nights and create these magnificent lightning shows, which can be seen from Laramie, the “Gem City of the Plains.” In 1994, my son Stan and I were treated to just such a display. I used up about 50 exposures trying to get this one.

This was a time exposure, and as a result, the stars in the sky show up as short arcs, and the lights of a jetliner can be seen as consecutive lights across the night sky. A meterologist at the University of Wyoming here in town tells me it’s extremely rare to see lightning reaching up into thin air towards nothing like this (he’s been encouraging me to get this published in meteorlogical journals). Our house is visible over across the lake.

This image has gotten me more rave reviews over the years than any other photo I’ve ever taken.

Summer 1994, Laramie, Wyoming

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